1. Radium Hotspring 



Radium hot spring located in Kootenay national park its is situated in the edge of Rocky mountain. On the way on your road trip to Rocky mountain this is must to do list, especially when you do it in the fall, warm up your body here. The pool is huge and affordable. The hot spring flow through from the mountain right in to the pool. Local government funded this hot spring which has been upgraded many times. There are many wild animals in the area are likely to be spotted such as big horn Sheep, Bears, Elk, Moose, Wolves.

Admission : Under $10



Sinclair Canyon

This Canyon view are incredible, when you walking through the Canyon it feel like you are inside the Giant Cave. Take a walk throughout the canyon you will see the creek falling down the mountain.


2. Breakfast in Huckleberry’s Restaurant

The best breakfast in town, it is located in Invermere. It is a family own restaurant, they are very friendly and good services indeed. They provide many home made menu, my favorite is the egg breakfast with strawberry pancakes and back bacon.


3. Strolling Around Vindermere lake

Invermere nestled in the Columbia valley, located in the south of British Columbia between the Purcell and Rocky mountains. The view of this town will make you speechless.  There is a lake Windermere, the biggest lake and longest in Invermere, depend on the season you are going, on summer people will be boating around the lake, many beautiful and expensive houses facing into the lake.  Invermere has many outdoor activities to offer such as ski, biking, many beautiful trails, gondola and Golf course.