Jofree Lake British Columbia   

Stunning places in British Columbia Canada

Jofree lake one of the most favorite hiking place in british columbia Canada.  There are 3 lakes the best is the third lake as it is the biggest and background by the glazier. The entire of British columbia is the paradise for hiker and camping lover, it is surrounded by beautiful mountains. Beside there are some mountains which are very close by from Vancouver which are easy to hike, Grouse mountain and Cypress. Not far from Vancouver there is  Whistler, is the must visit for anyone, skier give its name as  whistler winter wonderland. It can be reach out for only 2 hours drive or by bus.



Things To do 

Camping and Polar bear swimming, make sure to register your camping backcountry permit from BC park or you might be get fine. Swimming on the lake it is very challanging, as the water temperature arround -1 on summer. Well definetely Polar bear swim worth to try. 

How to get there  

Drive from Vancouver 2.5 hours and hike to the upper lake depend on  your speed, we hiked it for 3.5 hours up and down. There is no busses or shuttle.

The Stawamus Chief

Stawamus Chief  is about 45 mins drive north of Vancouver. It is an intermediate hike and not recommended for beginners as it has slippery sections and a difficult descent back down. To get to enjoy the stunning view in the photo, you need 6 hours up and down. This is a very popular hikie and has spectaculer views of the Howe Sound. Enjoy the best view from the third viewpoint which is the view of bay and beautiful Squamish town. Hiking guide 

Fun Activities 

Feed the gophers, bring some peanuts,berries, dry fruit their favorite food they will lick your hand to grab the peanut. They are smart animals and will store the food on their cheek. Take some good picture maybe photograph for your wedding? or maybe meditation to release stress.  Please note that feeding bears is illegal in BC and can result in the Bear being euthanised.

Shannon Waterfall