Bondi Beach, Sydney

Australia time, beach time! catch the rainbow in Bondi beach, lying down and enjoy christal blue ocean, this is one of the most visited beaches in Sydney.  White sandy beach along the way dont forget to try a street foot or drop in to cafes and restaurants along the beach.  

How to get there 

Catch the bus from centre Sydney, only takes 30 minutes to get there by bus. 


12 Apostles, Victoria Australia  

Is one of the stunning places in Victoria Australia, there are 12 magnificients standing rock stacks, created by erotion about 20 years ago. The blue christal clear ocean view and beautiful sunset will hipnotize your eyes, located 275 meters west bound of Melbourne. 

How to get There 

You can drive about 4 hours or get the helicopter from london bridge if you dont mind to pay a tour package. This hely will take you to along the cost and to great ocean road.