This is the biggest lake in South East Asia, the lake surrounded by enormous view of mountain, its formed by super massive volcano eruption predicted 900 years ago. This is one of the deepest lake in the world its 900 meter above sea level.

Things to

Visit Tuktuk located in Samosir island, there are ancient traditional Batak house name Rumah bolon, learn Batak dance call Tortor which lead by Sigale Gale Puppet. Many Bars, hotels and cafes are located here and in Parapat. Some water sport like Jet ski and Banana boat are available there. If you are down to hike, Pusuk buhit Mountain has a good trail.

Best time to visit 

On dry season between February  to August, and on Lake Toba festival held every year on December.

How to get there 

Silangit airport  is the international gate to lake Toba, it can reach out by car for less than an hour, there are  mini busses available from the airport, the ticket counter just right cross the airport exit. Many cars available to rent for CAD 40/day, there are Grab taxy will take you to Parapat, from here you can take boat to take you to Samosir or to Tuktuk Siadong.