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12 Apostoles Victoria, Australia

Erna Florida

Boathing Sydney Harbour, Australia 



Hi there call me Florida, I am a travel blogger will guide you and provide you information about attractions and interesting places in the countries and places I have visited. You might be surprise why my name Florida, anytime I introduce my name to some one new, they always comment "hah Florida"? like state name in US? yes I am. Well just recently I found out since I stay in Canada, I told my dad I wanted to visit Florida, then he said "yeah you should definetely go there thats why I gave your name Florida", I was like "hah why you never tell me this"?.

For me travel make me happier and less stress, everyone happiness prospective are different, however this earth to beautiful to be missed So what are you waiting for?

Amazing Tropical Indonesia


Nusa Dua Bali, Indonesia

Rafting Citarik river,Indonesia

Canada Heaven on Earth

Hey Nature lover,

Just quick warning, once you landed in Britih columbia Canada, you wont turn back. This province too beautiful to be ignored!