Takakkaw means Magnificent, it is originated from Native American language, It is 373 meters high the highest falls in Canada located in Yoho National park Alberta. You will be amazed by very scenic view near by glacier river flow near by and many hiking trails. The closes camp ground are Yoho camping ground ( walk in) and Kicking horse camp ground needed advance reservation. Wapta Highline trail is one of the difficult trail in Yoho National park, It is trail to Yoho and emerald lake, which starting point from Whiskey Jack Lodge trail head, it elevation 295 m to Yoho lake, the distance 3.7 km one way, 715 m total field and 18 km total trail. When you reach the Yoho climb steadily up to Yoho pass, keep left / to the south toward Wapta Highline to see the most magnificent valley and Emerald lake. However there is a bear in the area, beware of black bear in the area group hike always better to scare the bear.

Difficult trails

The Iceline distance 13 km, elevation 710 m 9 hours round trip
The Whaleback: 400 m elevation, 5 km from Twin Falls
Moderate Trails

Emerald Basin : 4 km one way, elevation 225 m, 2-3 hours return
Yukness Ledges Alpine Route: distance 2.3 km one way from lake Oesa, elevation 140 m, view of lake O’Hara
Lake Oesa: distance 3.2 km one way, elevation 240 m, 4 hours return.
Easy trails: Emerald lake loop : Distance 5 km loop, elevation flat