Jofree lake is one of glazier lakes in british columbia, colour of the lake will make you spech less. Canada is the most exciting country i have ever visit, the entire of British columbia province surrounded by beautiful mountains, the very close mountain to Vancouver are Grouse mountain, Cypress, meanwhile whistler is the winter wonderland it can be reach out for only 2 hours drive or by bus.

Besides mountains, you can find a glaziers lake with the fantastic cristal aquatic blue and green lakes, such picture above taken on Jofree lake one of the most favorite hiking place. There are 3 lakes which has different sizes, the best one is the third lake because it is the biggest and background by the glazier mountaint.

Things To do

Camping and Polar bear swimming, make sure to register your camping backcountry permit from BC park or you might be get fine. Swimming on the lake it is very challanging, as the water temperature arround -1 on summer. Well definetely Polar bear swimming worth to try.

How to get there

Drive from Vancouver 2.5 hours and to hike to the upper lake depend is your speed, we hiked it for 3.5 hours up and down. There is no Busses or shuttle. Find information about the trail details.